GET your JCS on!



Geographical limitations do not apply.

You just have to be definitely going to Burningman, be there on Wed for the show which is at 10pm (and on Tues night for the dress rehearsal), and be ready to go totally nuts for the entertainment of dusty onlookers!

Please email me at and tell me which role you would LOVE to do, and also give me a 2nd & 3rd choice. See the list below. Put some thought into it - why would you be an awesome Pilate or Jesus or Simon? What do you see in this character? What are his motivations and conflicts? Above all, tell me what you love about this story and why you are motivated to represent on the playa!

I invite you to send me your audition as an email, OR even better, post it to youtube/the internets and let me see you in the flesh, as it were...

Characters :



Simon - already cast

Peter - already cast

Judas - already cast

Pilate - already cast

Herod - already cast



The above roles need to be cast ASAP!!

Other roles: Roman Guards, Other Disciples, the Crowd, Other Priests, Lepers, Merchants in Temple, Herod's Court

Crew & tech people still very much needed:

Need projectionist, light people, costume helpers, prop makers, crowd dancers, etc. Don't wait, contact Jessica to participate!


Wed night 10pm is the scheduled performance, at my camp Zipties & Beer (location TBA).

The movie will be projected right behind the stage, while we act, lipsynch, dance.

We need to have a dress rehearsal Tues night, probably from 9 till we are done. You should make all effort to come to this cuz it's the only time we will get to run through it all togeher!

A lot of folks want to really sing.  The soundtrack will be playing, and we cant make the soundtrack unintelligible. I want everyone to have FUN, but it needs to work with the soundtrack. Some live vocals will naturally work better than others in this format. So think about this question if you hope to sing out loud in the actual performance.

The beauty of this act-along-with-the-movie technique is that we can totally get our show together in the short time we have available, and even if some players are living in another state, we all have the SAME movie & sound to work from. No mic cables, less tech issues, simple, simple simple. Someone has laryngitis, no problem!

***Watch and listen to the movie, but DONT listen to the 'soundtrack'!***

I got it on netflix, so that's an option. Also it is up on youtube, although you have to play each segment individually.

You HAVE to practice to the MOVIE VERSION of the soundtrack - and not just the commercially available "movie soundtrack" - it has to be a recording of the movie. Believe it or not, the movie sound does NOT line up minute for minute with the "movie soundtrack" that you can buy on CD. I have mp3's of the movie recording and will distribute them to you. Timing your act will depend on being in synch with the movie, so you don't want to practice with the wrong version! Especially don’t practice with the many other recordings from the play!

We are going to be learning our parts from afar - like telecommuting! So we all have to listen to the soundtrack & watch the movie a lot in the next 2 months. Know what is happening in each scene you are in! Be ready to work it with the music & the scene!

Costumes, props, tech

All actors will need to come prepared with at least their own costume/s and props, and maybe an extra one for someone else. You may have more than one role. Costumes and props will largely be on-your-own, but we will coordinate what is needed and who will create/carry them out.

JCS Field trip in July for SF Bay Folks:

Also, the Ashby Stage in S Berkeley, (home of the shotgun players) is presenting a youth company's production of JC Superstar this month!

Who wants to go see it together?